Early Childhood Learning

Old Pro Management - A school management consultancy firm in Dehradun Uttarakhand understands the significance of these scientific researches. With a view to enhance the overall quality of teaching and learning, we experimented with innovative learning and teaching strategies, home school co-operation, evaluation process and different modes of school administration then gave it a shape to form ‘Lil’ Pro’ “A premier School Shaping Adroit Kids.”

Lil’ Pro as the name signifies Little Professionals we create leaders ready for future endeavors. Here, children are given different kind of situations to handle on their own, which makes them more self- reliant and confident with high self-esteem throughout their life.

The activities designed help our children to develop high thinking skills and problem solving attitude. Here every child is understood and respected, so is being kept at the core of learning process. By developing good learning habits interested in learning, we prepare them for life-long learning.

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